Website chatbots And messengers without coding. Designing and developing a Messenger and Website chatbot for your company. Give the customer service team more sales leads and rising pain.


Build your bot in mins

Create your dream layout with no coding expertise and the aid of BotStar’s Visual Flow Editor – the most powerful chatbot editor ever. Build your bot in the blink of an eye!

Also we have 70+ premade templates for different industry. 

Chat Flow Templates

Drag & Drop Chat Flow Builder & 70+ Pre-made Templates gives you the option to experience more than 70 chatbot templates, which are ready to deploy on Messenger or Websites. You also can redesign them to suit your business.


Every Subscription Includes

Responsive Layout

Support 4 widget format: Livechat, Inline, Popup and Full-page

Full Customization

Fully customizable chatflow setting portal, design your chatflow what you see in what you get, No Coding required.

World Class Support

Support team respose time is 1 hr in office hour. Contact us via email, live chat and helpdesk when you need.


CKeep your inbound customer data not only inside chatbot portal but also in google sheet (export available).

"-The best part, I guess, is the ability to create a multilingual chatbot. I'm launching an eCommerce company as a second job and I have some online shops. -Multi-language features help me expand my company around the globe. My online shops will market my goods to a wide customer base all over the world. -Built-in CMS to help me show our product list to consumers while shopping online. The picture, definition and price of a commodity can be accessed by my customers."

Monarch Inc.

"The following are my personal thoughts after 6 months of using -They have the best visual flow editor for the chatbot. It gives you a summary of all your work. -Their built-in CMS is ideally suited to S&M company -They offer 70+ free pre-built templates. Simple to clone and to customize"

Excel International Co.

"I really like the functionality of ChatBot Modules and CMS. The Modules allow me to group a number of similar blocks so that I can better organize my chatbot. I've developed a complex chatbot with a lot of items. Thanks to CMS, I can handle and upgrade my items quickly and easily. It's automatic, so I don't have to worry about combining things or losing track of the menu. They've also got a new Webview launch tool. I read the documents about it and I found it really interesting. Can't wait to check it out first."



“The support staff is very supportive. They’re taking care of me in every move!”

The Flow Editor helps you to create and publish a chatbot with a large range of features. Simply drag and drop blocks, add text and links, and then you’re good to go.

“Easy to use! Cool interface”

I love how simple it is to build a chatbot through the HK Chatbot platform with a drag-and-drop interface like mindmap and the fact that a chatbot does not need any technical context.

“This is my one-stop-Chatbot for my shopify store”

Automate 90% of the sales and marketing process.

Using Broadcast and Campaign features, future buyers can be strongly encouraged to boost returns on company sales processes and the efficacy of marketing strategies.

Acquire More Than 1 Million Subscribers In 1 Week