Automated Sales and Marketing Solution in Hong Kong

Convenience is key in the digital age. What people want is not to wait or search for an answer but to have the answer coming to them.

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Non-stop Sales and Customer Service

The customer gets what they need in any time anywhere. Accurate your sales and marketing funnel in the next level.

Data Security

All data has been stored in a secured cloud-based platform. We relied on AWS, a tier 3+ data centre.

Suitable For Both Partners and Users

Whitelabel ChatBot solution is provided for business partners as well as end users. Start from HK$500 per month only!

ChatBot Supports Following Platforms

ChatBot Marketing

ChatBot is a new technology thanks to NLP chatbot SaaS solution provided by Dayella LTD. In Traditional Marketing funnel, we have to go through 5 steps, sending a form to gather customer information, engaging customer by email or other methods, processing CRM, receiving customer enquires and become your sales leads, and finally, your sales colleague make a phone call to close the deal.

But now, ChatBot helps you help you handles all traditional steps, directly convert to sales lead.

Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Customers

Now, your customers, especially China customers like to ask a questions more than “google search”.

To catch up the trend, ChatBot is your best choose to build up a automated support for customer service as well as e-commerence channel


Managing Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Train your NLP ChatBot, monitor all chat records, gather potential customers, contact reporting,

All you needs are on our ChatBot control panel.

"For marketing teams and marketing technology firms, finding and cultivating valuable customers is the key to building a profitable business. Leading companies know that personalized customer experiences and streamlined operations are key to their success. "

– Richard Choi, Founder

"That's an awesome technology that help us to handle a massive inbound enquire during every event periods, as we are a NGO, we don't have much manpower to handle it. Worth investing on it ."


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